An Opportunity Not to Miss

By the time that Pam and I joined Agapé (then Campus Crusade for Christ) we had both spent time working elsewhere – Pam as a secretary and I as a teacher. That was thirty-eight years ago last month.

We did not believe then, nor do we believe now, that being missionaries was the bees’ knees. The great international, inter-generational, commission of Christ can only be accomplished by a combination of those who push frontiers plus those who get stuck into daily life with gospel values.

That’s why we’re going to start the Opportunities Day for new graduates (on Saturday 28th January) with a video clip by Mark Greene called “James Bond”. In this quirky clip he makes the point that Christians in the workplace (or working at home) are generally not like Bond, James Bond, who was always briefed, trained, resourced and supported in his mission. And that’s why our first session, by a workplace Christian, will be entitled “Thank God it’s Monday” (also the subject of a book by Mark Greene).

To help people wake up after lunchtime on that day we’ll show the “Flying baby” ad which was released by X-box a few years ago. It shows that our time on earth is limited. It was then banned because viewers didn’t want to face up to this.

Amazingly, in the course of one day we will hear about: marketplace Christian life, how to know the will of God, how to make a good decision, how to budget and how to explore Agapé work. “Agapé work” – because no student at an Irish university should graduate without hearing how to respond to Christ.

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1 Response to An Opportunity Not to Miss

  1. Tim Leech says:

    Two good clips, David … I have followed LICC for a long while and think very highly of them. I hadn’t seen the X-box advert – I’d say it will guarantee mental alterness and heightened emotionsfor your post-lunch session. (I was about to describe it as the “Graveyard shift”, but thought I’d leave that pun for you!)


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