“Losing points” – from “Sorted” chapter 2

A few years ago when we returned to Ireland from London where we had been living, I went through the various processes of moving. One of them was changing my UK driving licence back to the Irish one. I was told to contact the Motor Tax Office of Dublin City Council in Queen Street. The girl on the phone made it sound so simple I could scarcely believe her. I even wondered if I was through to the right office. I thought her chirpiness would surely evaporate with my next question, “What about the penalty points on my UK licence?” “You have no points showing,” said she (she had apparently “brought up my details on the screen”). Amazingly, I then had the temerity to argue with her, apologetically of course, “Well I do have two points from driving a little too quickly on a Sunday morning on a visit to Birmingham, the early morning sun was in my eyes, it was in an industrial estate blah blah blah.” She mercifully cut me short, “Nothing showing here – UK points don’t transfer to Ireland, you’re all set to go.” Talk about feeling forgiven!

Don’t get any notions – this anomaly between the two jurisdictions has now been resolved and that’s one amnesty you can’t get anymore. But I started out driving in Ireland again at zero! I felt strangely free – an unexpected reminder of what God’s grace feels like.

The vista that now stretches out before you is a bit like when it snows overnight in the winter. Every step you take in the morning is on fresh ground. There is a special satisfaction about walking out into a white unspoilt world. Enjoy God’s forgiveness and when he brings to your attention another issue to be dealt with confess it, and keep going in the white snow of God’s grace.

If guilt should return to nag at your heels, remember the only one left with a vested interest in making you feel guilty is Satan. That is his day job. God’s forgiveness is complete –  “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”[1] A little girl who had decided to open the door of her life to Jesus was then asked, “What would you do if Satan comes to the door tomorrow?” “I’d ask Jesus to answer the door,” she replied. Good advice.

[1] Romans 8:1

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