Be careful, Ireland, what you wish for

BBC2 Wednesday 5th October  Sally Phillips (of “Bridget Jones” and “Miranda” fame) is worried. She has every right to be. She has found out that 90% of Down’s syndrome babies conceived in Britain becomsally-phillipse victims of the abortion services – the kind of services aimed at by the “Repeal the Eighth Amendment” campaign in Ireland.

Now BBC2 is broadcasting a documentary she has just made on the subject . What worries Sally most is the statement by philosopher Peter Singer this summer (on BBC’s “Hard Talk”) that “killing a  person with severe intellectual disability is not equivalent to killing a person and sometimes it is not wrong at all.” Indeed Singer seems to be the one who decides whether or not you are a “person”.

Sally isn’t the only one worried. Frank Skinner chatted with her about the documentary and stuck his neck out in her defence. Well done Frank.

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