Four Reasons it’s High Time to Brush up Your Bible

It’s time to brush up your Bible – you don’t want to get spiritually skinny just because your diet is restricted to pre-digested food. But why bother? Here are four reasons:

1. You need to feed your own soul. So do I. We can get some second-hand food from church and that’s no bad thing. I cannot, however, go to the Judgment Seat of Christ and say, “I never got fed properly” when there is more than one Bible on the shelf just to the left of this laptop. It’s like they say on the aeroplanes – “put on your own face-mask first before you attempt to help other passengers”.

2. Your kids (if you’ve got any) deserve the best spiritual training you can give them. For their sake you need to get good at this.

3. Whether or not you have kids, you can have disciples (they are, after all, just other people’s kids). Do they see you study the Word? Do you ever tell them what you are studying?

4. Your unbelievers need you – those you know and those you haven’t met yet, seekers and non-seekers. The arena in which we are called to live our daily lives is not one where people will run into the Bible in the normal course of events. When someone asks a spiritual question and you haven’t a clue – remember, there isn’t a pastor on hand to facilitate things. Often if you don’t answer it, it won’t get answered. But don’t turn around at that moment and look for a pastor to answer the question. You’re the pastor. Even when you say “I don’t know – I’ll get back to you on that” – it’s Bible homework time.
One way to brush up your Bible is at the Agapé Biblical Studies conference in the wonderful Lucan Centre 20-25 August. First begun in 1974 to equip Agapé staff, the week’s training can now be used by anyone who would like to develop first-hand skills in Biblical study. This year’s speakers – Dr David Shepherd, David Wilson, Natalie Warren, Myles Wilson. Info from

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