Living and Telling

It changed my life. And I don’t usually talk like that. But it’s true – the basic Agape training, “Living and Telling” showed me how I could trust God to fill me with his Spirit in normal day-to-day life, enabling me to share my faith in Jesus with those I run into.
It’s worth saying what the Living and Telling course didn’t do1 LTtotalIt didn’t make me into an evangelist. Being an evangelist is a special gift which the Holy Spirit picks some people for and it turns out I’m not one of them.

So here’s what the training did do:
1. It showed me God’s forgiveness is available to me on a daily basis – moment-by-moment basis actually. Christ will never say to me, “you’ve used up all your grace tokens”.
2. It helped me through three sonic booms that my conversations were getting stuck at – *talking at all, *talking about Jesus (not just religion) and *popping the question “Ready to trust Jesus yet? – or are you still thinking about it?”
3. It defined success for me. Success in witnessing is simply share your faith in Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.
We’re running the training in Dublin again on 13th -14th September (€30 for the two days – Friday evening through to Saturday evening). I’ll be there again. Wild horses wouldn’t keep me away. Can you come? Tickets available here

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  1. timmoyler says:

    A great blog David. Sounds like just the sort of thing I need.


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    Tel: 01395 239 130
    Mobile: 07899 866 102
    Skype name: timmoyler


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