The culture is yelling at my friends

In fact, the culture is yelling at everybody. But one of its most strident yells is about the “idolatry of Eros”, as Vaughan Roberts calls it in his excellent book True Friendship.

It’s yelling, “Get your worship of the god Eros organised properly and then we’ll see if there’s any room for Jesus”. That’s hurtful, especially if you’re single and a follower of Jesus, like a lot of my friends are. And it’s hurtful if you’re single and experience same-sex attraction, like some of my friends are.

Here’s a reply to the god Eros: “There’s such a thing as friendship, deep friendship – especially if you have as much in common as followers of Jesus do”.

On 17th October here in Dublin I will be attending an event by friends from “Living Out” who are offering training to Christian leaders is how to help same-sex attracted people who are also following Jesus. I want to be good at being a friend. Register here if you’d like to join me.

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2 Responses to The culture is yelling at my friends

  1. cjarkell says:

    What a great little blog for my mid-week lunch break! Thank you, and all the best David.


  2. timmoyler says:

    This is so good to see David!

    Bless you!


    Tim Moyler Thorne Barton Mirey Lane Woodbury EXETER EX5 1DX
    Tel: 01395 239 130
    Mobile: 07899 866 102


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